The prince and his Knight :D


Yesung and Siwon, The Heart of a Child and The Heart of Gold

The chemistry between our Cloud and his dongsaeng is something hard to ignore when they’re together. They are so comfortable around one another that there seems to be no concept of personal space. Forever hugging, poking, wrapping their arms around each other, even kisses on the cheek, they are masters of unbearably adorable fanservice. Siwon, known for loving sexy skinship on stage, is different with Yesung. Instead of suggestive actions, their fanservice consists of backhugs, games of chase, and especially philtrum-touching (Siwon’s being Yesung’s favorite philtrum, of course).  But the best thing, is that it isn’t just on stage. When backstage and Yesung was frightened by lightning, he clung to none other than Siwon. When Yesung is hurt, Siwon is there to hold and comfort him. In personality, Yesung is touchy and affectionate, and Siwon is more than happy to return the favor. Knowing each other since Yesung’s days in Cheonan, even living together for a short while, they have been friends for a long time and it is undoubtable that over time that friendship has grown. From the way they look at one another to how they can’t help but bother one another to even how Yesung always dubs Siwon his ultimate competition in attractiveness in Super junior, there is nothing like their love for each other. ♥

My OTP family - YeKyuHae
Yeye and his playful dongsaengs - YeHaeHyuk
OT3 - YeKyuWon

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[cap] All About SJ - Mafia Game - Who tried to save Yeye ^^

[cap] All About SJ - Mafia Game - Who tried to save Yeye ^^