credit: @101holic_ & @heequeenTing

Members’ messages in 6Jib!

Eeteuk: You, who give sincere love to our music!! Limitless thanks once again! Please create valuable memories after listening to Super Junior’s 6th album!! Thanks everyone for giving us the strong energy to run better by giving us your valuable clicks! I love you!!

Yesung: Oh~!! Every~one ^^ Cuties~ Thank you~ Be happy always!! 

Shindong: Hello~~~ I’m ShinDong!!! Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to see U. Please visit to Korea!!!! Shall I be there? Oh, I’m hungry…. OMG! 

Kangin: I waited as much as the fans. Thanks for waiting and giving love to our album. We will return everyone’s love with better music in the future!! Be healthy always! 

Sungmin: I am Super Junior’s Sungmin. Firstly, thank you for showing love for our album! We will also present to you better music in the future. We will be able to do it more handsomely and happily if you can be with us when we perform on stage! Please also give more love to Super Junior’s activities in the future~!

Eunhyuk: Thank you! I’m Eunhyuk~ Thank you for buying all the songs!! Please listen to it well ^^ 
Siwon: I hope that our music can become good memories for everyone. Remember this moment now. 

Donghae: Hello~ I’m Super Junior’s Donghae! Please give many love to our 6th album Sexy free & single~! You’ll definitely not regret buying all the songs. Please listen to it a lot because it is filled with many good songs~! 

Ryeowook: Hello! I am Super Junior’s Ryeowook. Thank you for giving so much love to Super Junior’s 6th album, Sexy Free & Single. Please be filled with only good things~ I will be pray to be Ryeowook who is only filled with happy things. Please give us support because we’ll continue to be Super Junior. I love you. 

Kyuhyun: Thank you to everyone whom I’ve received a lot from and I will show you a better look~ Be together!

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