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I saw Yesung. he was playing with his phone. I went to him because i want to convey the message from his fans.
Me: hi
Ys: *smile
Then he busy with his phone again.
Me: “Oppa .. i love you” he looks surprised and shy. Before i continue what i say, he asked “what?”
Me: ‘i love u’.. That’s the message from your fans. They say they love you.
Ys: a~ i love you too *smirk
Me: uh?
Ys: tell them (his fans) *smile
Me: uh? Ah yes…And… stay healthy, your father and mother too.
Ys: how about jongjin?
Me: ah jongjin too!
Ys: yeah thank you

D-377 cr: woonbar

D-377 cr: woonbar


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