Fanacct / 140418 / MR Yesung looks sooo handsome omg. In a simple stylish grey tshirt with a wide neck omg collarboneee…. And his hair has pretty much grown back to long bangs brushed down kyyaaaa sooo handsomeeeeee. (Cr: @sjissj)

Fnacct / 140418 / MR 3 

Jap fans were infront of me when yesung went back to the counter. They were very shy to go order first, so they asked the other fans to go first. Yesung smiled (maybe he was laughing internally? Hahaha) so cuteeee.


Before returning to the register counter, yesung was standing at the pickup counter, playing with his phone (it was placed on the glass display fridge beside the counter) while eating. This game addict >_>

Cr: @tokkipie


An elf japan in front of me asking me how to asked in Korean, as if she wanted to ask about yesung favorite drink. After the turn ordering she askedOppa is your favorite drink?
Ys: i have a lot!

I think she didn’t know what was Yesung say. So I translated it. She wanted me to tell him chose one for her.. Yesung “green tea latte. I think you will like that”



Why Style in Beijing ^^ (cr: China in Yesung)

D-382 (cr: woonbar)

D-382 (cr: woonbar)

*sighs* someday.. someday… I’ll get to shake that adorable hand and personally see that glorious beautiful smile… someday.. I hope



[Trans fanacc of DH EH concert in japan 2014.4.17 CR:sev_jae ]

D : You seem to good condition in singing a song today.
Plz sing something.

E : What (shall i sing?)

D : “It has to be you” by Yesung!

E : What does it like… should be “너 아니면 안돼…..너 ~ 없이 ~난 안돼…” isn’t it?

ELF sang it together loudly (in stead of him.) 

D : You guys know that song, but you dont know our song?

[Trans fanacc of DH EH concert in japan 2014.4.17 CR:r_akiyoshi ]

DH suggested EH to sing “it has to be you” by Yesung.
EW sang some part of it, but said “I cant remember anymore”
ELF took over it and sang perfectly!
DH said that you dont know our song even you can sing Yesung’s song??

ELF burst out laughing.


Trans : wwmisa 
Thank you for reporting it for us ^^

0417 Niigata - 4

hae said he was jealous of yesung and said “how can you know his song but not ours ?!?” then he told everyone to sing kimi ga naitara. he was looking around sharply while fans were singing and found someone who didn’t sing at all then he pointed to her and said “you stand alone and sing” he even passed hyuk’s mic to that fan pmsl other fans around her helped but she still couldn’t sing >< then hae said “okay, the one behind, you look confident, stand up and sing !” the girl sang properly and finished the chorus \o/ she was making face like she was embarrased of what eunhae did to her then she playfully wanting to throw the mic to the stage and eunhae looked damn shock ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ good job girl, good job ㅋㅋㅋ

cr: ebi_1015 / via @hyukarmpits